Keith Begley works as a sport & exercise psychologist and performance coach in Ireland – accredited by the Irish Institute of Sport.

He holds an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology from the Institute for Psychology of Elite Performance (IPEP) at University of Wales, Bangor (2012). He is a Level 2 Accredited Athlete and Coach Education Tutor with Coaching Ireland since 2008 and has worked as a teacher of physical education since 2003.

He has a strong interest in all aspects of sport psychology, while he has published research in the area of self talk and attentional focus for use in elite sport. More recently, he has designed and delivered a sport psychology module for the GAA in Croke Park for their coach education programme. The module is for nationwide delivery of the new level 2 GAA coaching course in both hurling and football.

He offers a broad variety of support using a cognitive behavioral approach to addressing issues across areas of sport and exercise psychology including

(1) Motivation for sport and exercise

(2) Anxiety, performance stress & motor control
(3) Relaxation & deep breathing
(4) Effective goal setting
(5) Mental Skills Training (visualisation / self-talk)
(6) Team building & group cohesion.
(7) Injury and Rehabilitation
(8) Post Career Transition

(9) Corporate Wellness

Recently, he acted as a sport psychologist to Irish international athletes (junior and senior) and International amateur boxers. He has also acted in a sport psychology support capacity to inter-county senior hurlers and footballers, and representative rugby players.

Previously, he has acted as a manager, skills and strength & conditioning coach with GAA teams from development to senior inter-county level.

Facebook Page: Elite Performance Sport Psychology Ireland
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeithBegley @KeithBegley



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